Personal statement

Personal statement

Passionate about athletics since my teens, I practiced sports at a modest level (county champion and finalist LIFA), I became Sports Instructor in 1993 specializing in bodybuilding and group lessons.

So I worked full fitness and various sports associations from 1993 to 2005/2006, when I decided to dedicate myself to the physical preparation of athletes.

Working for a technical framework Athletics from 2000 to 2005 in Brittany in the Regional Technical Team, I took the opportunity to get back into athletics Language driven and therefore spent between 2003 and 2005 BE 1st degree then BE 2nd degree.

Snowman ground foremost pragmatically possible, I enrichissai on stretching my knowledge thanks to Norbert Grau and training Stretching Global assets in 2011. This is also because I myself was convinced of the effectiveness of this method, having "suffered" the original method (F.Mézières) during periods of injury.

This technique took me twice to my limits: in 1993 I managed to make my big gap right posterior anterior largely thanks to the care of a mézièriste, in 2002, a year before my 30th birthday I beat my record about 1000 m 2 '51'' in three months specific training again after Mézières sessions ... Since I give much credit to this method, using it successfully on the athletes I physically prepared.

I also started practicing Tai Ji Quan with François Hainry of Rennes, to wake up to other forms of body work: even if one wants to deprive the martial art of its energy aspects - for the most skeptical - there remains the sensations of body placement, good proportion of gestural fluidity, improved kinesthetic and respiratory functions are present in each course and received ... a few years are required to truly master this martial art that hides his game, patience, so Smile!

For my 40th birthday I gave myself a new challenge: a successful Master Prep Pro 2 staps physical starting at the University of Strasbourg is being so fingers crossed for Laughing on.

At the end, I have developed a dual expertise BE / university degree 2nd cycle:

Holder of two patents related to a sports educator course "Youth and Sports" and has a university degree 2nd cycle will asked an innovative methodological rigor of work, a much more scientific approach to sport and vigilance constant on the contributions of the literature, in short: a happy marriage between practical knowledge and scientific knowledge of high value.